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Why Flook?

Buy & sell right around the corner

Flook is geolocalized, which means we can show you items nearby, wherever you are in BC. You never know what you might come across!

Why Flook?

Flook is personalized!

You choose the categories you are interested in, and Flook will only show you what you like! You can also create your own profile and see the profiles of local sellers.

Why Flook?

Posting an ad couldn’t be easier

Everyone has something to sell, even you! It takes 30 seconds to post an ad with photos and video, and it’s free.

Why Flook?

Convenient messaging

Found the perfect item? Contact the seller through the in-app chat to arrange everything, or you can phone or email them.

Spontaneous discoveries

Find anything you’re looking for (and beautiful surprises!) from people just like you, as well as local artisans and shops.

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The Flook Notebook

A collection of discoveries, moments, people and artisans doing great things in BC.

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